The HPA subscription rates and levels have changed for 2020/2021 to reflect the handicap of the individual and to cover both the outdoor and arena season.  The same amount is payable regardless of nationality or residency.

No person may play in any match, organised game or practice chukka at or conducted by an affiliated or provisionally affiliated club in the UK or Ireland unless the membership requirements and formalities as set out below have been met and completed.

The ‘S’ membership category has been merged with the Chukka category. These players will only be allowed to play chukkas until they have passed their rules test and been given a handicap.

2021 HPA Membership Fees

Membership Type Full Membership Under 18 & Students
CHUKKA £100 £50
-2 £160 £80
-1 £180 £90
0 £180 £90
1 £200 £100
2 £250 £125
3 £350 £350
4 £450 £450
5 £550 £550
6 £650 £650
7 £750 £750
8 £750 £750
9 £750 £750
10 £750 £750

Never Had HPA Membership
Go to and create an account. You will only be able to purchase Chukka, Day,
Introductory, Pony Club or Non-Playing membership until you have a handicap. To obtain a handicap, you must pass the HPA rules test (see below).
Not a Member in 2019/ Missed a Season
You will only be able to purchase Chukka, Day, Introductory/Pony Club or Non-Playing membership until you have been awarded an HPA so, if you are a returning player who has missed a year or more and require a handicap, please contact the club you intend to join and ask them to sign off a CV form and send it to the HPA before you create an account as if a new member. There is a link to the CV form on the first page of the membership form when you log onto the Platform. Or you can download one from the ‘Join now’ section of the website.
Approval and Activation of Membership

The status of your membership will appear as ‘Pending Approval’ until the primary club you have stated you are a member of have approved your membership. The club will be sent an e-mail to confirm you have the appropriate membership with them.
What if I can’t access the direct membership platform? Your club can apply on your behalf. You will need to give the club all your required membership information and card payment details. Direct membership is designed to reduce clubs’ admin workload, this route should not be used if possible.
What happens to the data I provide? The HPA is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations
(GDPR) the details are set out in the HPA’s Privacy Policy, which can be viewed on the HPA website. You can ‘opt out’ from being contacted with certain information when you initially sign up, however you will still receive regulatory e-mails from the HPA.
Do I need a handicap? Only if you intend on playing matches and tournaments.
How do I get a handicap? If you have one overseas or have had one in the past by completing a CV form and sending it to the HPA; If you are new to polo by passing your rules test. You must be a member of the HPA and a club.
What is the rules test and how do I take it? The test is designed to ensure a player has enough knowledge to play polo in a safe responsible manner.
• Contact your club to get the password, log-in on the HPA website and take the test online.
• Once you have passed the rules test your club also need to confirm they are happy that you are safe enough to hold a handicap.
Can I play without being a member of the HPA? You cannot play in any polo at or being run by an affiliated club or at any licensed event unless you are both a member of the HPA and a club.
Can I play without being a member of a club? You cannot play in any polo at or being run by an affiliated club or at any licensed event unless you are both a member of the HPA and a club.
As a chukka member can I play at a club where I am not a member? No, as a chukka member you can only play at your home club.
Can I be a member of just the HPA? Only as a non-playing member. As a playing member you must also be a member of a club.
Can I be a member of more than one club? Yes, but you must nominate a primary club and list any other club(s) of which you are a member.
Do I need a separate HPA membership for outdoor and arena polo? Yes, However the equivalent arena membership is free of charge if you paid your summer membership. You still do need to sign up.
If I played in summer and decide to try playing in the arena, what do I need to do? Before playing in the arena you will need to register for arena membership. Log back onto your profile to register for arena membership by adding the ‘Arena Season Add On’.

How many days can I be a day member? You are allowed up to four ‘day memberships’ in the summer and an additional four for the arena. The days may be consecutive or scattered throughout a season. Each day is charged at £30 (£15 for under 18).
How long can the Introductory membership last for? It is as its name suggests designed to cover the period the introduction to polo. It is not defined but should not extend beyond a season or course of lessons. The membership does not include insurance so you need to check that the club or polo school has suitable cover.
Is my membership fee increased if I upgrade or get put up in handicap? If you pass your rules test in your first year of being a chukka member or get raised (or lowered) in handicap your membership fee will not change.
What do I get as a member? It will depend on your type of membership but, subject to the tournament conditions, the Victor Ludorum Tournaments are open to all players with an HPA handicap and all bar Introductory, Pony Club, Non-Playing and Day members will receive:
• A membership pack with Welfare booklet, Year Book and car pass;
• Public liability cover for themselves and their ponies when playing at an affiliated club or licensed event
with options to include limited personal accident cover. Those less than 3 goals or with less than 10
ponies are also covered for public liability elsewhere and at all times when in the UK or Ireland. See HPA website for further details.
• HPA monthly newsletter.
• Specific offers related to their membership type via email such from Hurlingham 1875.
If you have issues with your HPA membership e-mail or call

01367 242828