Do keep reviewing this page to see additional polo tournaments added and bicycle polo games published. (please refer to the Moor Farm Polo Facebook page for changes or addendum’s to each event)



16th/17th May 2020 – Opening Tournament “The Age UK Rosebowl” and after party.

26th May 2020 – The CLA Cup

13th/14th June 2020 – Leukemia UK Trophy

27th/28th June 2020 – The Timmis Cup

4th/5th July 2020 – The 4th July Cup

25th/26th July 2020 – The Lord Logan

25th July 2020 – Polo Ball

8th/9th August 2020 – The August Sheild

29th August 2020 – Inter-Hunt Cup

19th/20th September 2020 – End of Season Tournament